Testimonials About Lake Mary Dentist, Dr. Peter S. Chen

We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our dentistry in Clermont, Florida and Lake Mary, Florida. Read what our patients are saying about Advanced Endodontics below.



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Dear Dr. Chen and Staff,
In a world of; fast food, fast information, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Skype we have a tendency to lose our real connection to what is important and that is people.
It seems like most businesses have the giant box store mentality and with that comes with impersonalized service. This is true for medical as well, I know this to be a fact because half my clients are doctors.
I have been to medical facilities where I feel like I am just another line on the sign in sheet and the staff as well as the doctors are simply interested in just getting me; in, out, and getting paid.
I am an adventurer a risk taker and entrepreneur and what I do for a living is digital art, web development, software, social media, and all things web and print related for businesses. I've won hundreds of awards for my design and art skills and I love what I do for a living.
So my personality does not do well with ordinary or mediocrity and that is what I mostly see in many businesses and medical practices.
However, every now and then I get a chance to witness true excellence and I wanted to be sure that you know that you and your team are truly exceptional.
I am a person that notices and remembers everything. You were the third endodontist that I called because I live in Port Orange. I didn't think about going to a doctor in Debary.
I am not going to discuss how the other two offices did not instill a feeling of confidence in me when I made the phone call to them, because the outcome is obvious.
However when I called your office, the staff member that I spoke to was polite, informative, patient and made me instantly feel comfortable. When I arrived everybody did their respective jobs in a professional and kind manner.
You took the time to explain my medical options and told me you are going to set a date for surgery.
Obviously you realized I was in real discomfort and performed the surgery immediately.
The procedure itself was relatively painless and it went absolutely smoothly.
My friend Jim McCarty who is a celebrity and a motivational speaker for American Express (he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame) always says it's the little things that are the big things.
Your four-step post-op did not go unnoticed. The prescription mouth rinse, the antibiotic, the steroids, and the pain medication ensured that I was going to be safe and comfortable.
Also I really enjoyed my gift bag, after I was home a few minutes I put on my shirt and my wife really got a kick out of that! I believe you must be a forerunner in the Root Canal humor :-)
I just want to thank you and your staff for taking such great care of me, you guys are awesome!

- IraW

The staff was friendly, the doctor was up to date on technology and has great training. They make you feel comfortable and are able to take away any anxiety you may have. Highly recommend them.

- Great Experience - NadineP

well oriented and professional from front desk receptionist to the Dr Cheng, i was amazed how they took good care of my 14 years old son Matthew who had root canal problem from another Dentist but with great experiences and well acknowledgement of my issue , they make me very confident and comfortable to let them proceed with the work needed to be done for my son. I would definitely recommend this location to everyone i know and it was well worth it. Excelent Job.

- Root Canal - KadieA

Absolutely a great experience.... Very caring staff.... Keep up the good work :)

- My experience at the office (root canal) - AmandaG

I have never been treated so well! Everyone cares for you like it was their own family. Dr Chen very professional and down to earth individual. I applaulded everyone in the office. Thank You

- Extraordinary Care - PaulC

Great service! Dr. Chen did a great job. The procedure was painless and the technology was up to date. Very satisfied.

- great and painless - FBulec

The experience was made extremely freindly and relaxing and pain free. Best dental experience to date.

- Root Canal - HenryB

He goes above and beyond to make his patients feel comfortable. He has a TV in each room so I could take my mind off the procedure. He gives you eyeglasses to protect your eyes from any flying pieces, and he constantly asked me if I was OK. His staff is so friendly and professional! He is the best dentist for root canals I have ever had and I have been to a few! Thank you for making my experience so comfortable!!

- Dr. Chen is an awesome dentist!! - LetitiaA

Very pleasant experience at Advanced Endodontics. I was very happy with the tool used during the numbing injection! I also was more relaxed watching a movie during the root canal. I feel Dr. Chen and his staff go the extra mile to ease the anxiety of the patients! I highly recommend Advanced Endodontics to everyone!

- Very Happy with Advanced Endodontics - MollyT



Dr. Chen, I have never had a good experience with root canals as I hate the procedure. But after visiting your office, I had the BEST experience ever!!!! Not once but twice! Thanks for all the explanation of who "Ironman" is and up to this date I find it hilarious. Your staff is so pleasant and kind, overall the experience was just wonderful.... Thank you!! Michelle

- What an awesome experience! - MichelleV

I must say that I was nervous to get a root canal, but the staff and doctor were wonderful. I am a very happy camper. :)

- Best root canal experience ever - MelissaT

Very pleased with the quality of service and care given to me. I was seen at the appointed time and the Dr. and staff were very friendly.

- Very pleased with the quality of... - GlenK

Very good service. Dr. Chin was great, very talented in his field. I am impressed with the techniques used in the root canal. Very hi tech... Office staff and dental assistants very friendly and pleasant.... Thanks for the quick service in my time of need.... Mark

- MarkM

I was really impressed with the office and staff. The examination room was nice as well. Very up to date equipment and a Doctor who made me feel comfortable and that he knew what he was doing. I will be going back for a root canal and have total faith in the Doctor and his staff. Glad I was referred to you!

- Initial Visit - DorothyB

As much as a dental experience as a whole can be called a pleasure, Dr. Chen's Clermont office definitely needs to be rated as such. Starting in the waiting area you feel more like in a good friend's office. Nice furniture, great colors, coffee and crackers. The staff is very friendly, none of the usual impersonal medical office atmosphere, yet, very professional. Dr. Chen himself will make you feel very confident that you're in the best hands and impresses with latest technology and accuracy. Root canals are not a threat anymore...

- CarolaJ

I have never considered any experience with a dentist "pleasant". However, Dr. Chen and his staff have gone above and beyond my expectations! The staff in Debary is wonderful. Thank you all again.

- Great Dentist - DionnaC

I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of the procedure .. The staff and Dr. were easy going and had a good sense of humor ...The only problem I have is,,, now I can't go to Alaska, but at least i can eat bear meat right here great job,,,,,Jerry (tooth # 6)

- root canal - GeraldM

I was very nervous about my root canal and it turned out to be a good experience. I especially like the method of numbing with that vibrater or whatever it was. And the whole procedure was painless. thank you.

- JanetS

The ladies and gentlemen at Advanced Endontica were wonderful patient and kind. Thank you

- LauraK

I was very nervous about getting a root canal.. Well, the nervousness when away when I got to Dr. Chen's office, the staff was great.. I was in pain when I got to office..But, the procedure was plainness, I mean plainness! I did not feel anything... What a Great Experience! I will recommend Dr. Chen to anyone that is fearful of getting a root canal, He is very good. And by the way.. I left out one thing about Dr. Chen , he has very good since of humor..

- Great Experience! - JimB

Terrrified that is a minor word to use when I think odf the Dentist. I had the unfortunate mishap of having a Dentist in the 80's drill on me w/no novacaine the expletives stated are not repeatable so when I was referred to Dr. Chen I was neurotic. What a waste of energy he is so professional,gentle and expedient. The Assistant caring and concerned as well as informative it was over b-4 I realised it. Thank you Bless you all and I now have a wonderful dental story to share to all of those who are terified of this procedure.

- No More PTDD (Post Traumatic Dental Disorder) - JeanineR

When I found out that my front tooth (8) was dead and really no explanation on why this happened I was devastated! I was referred to a periodontal who indicated it needed to be pulled. I said I need another opinion. I was then referred to Dr Chen from my dental hygienist. After checking my tooth Dr. Chen said we can just do a root canal. I was very upset since I've never had a root canal before but happy to be able to keep my tooth! The procedure was very quick and smooth even thought I was very nervous about getting the root canal completed. Dr Chen is very kind, gentle and very good at his job. I would recommend him time and time again! Lindsay was very comforting support while this procedure was taking place. Couldn't have done it without you! Stephanie and Layne handled all the billing efficiently and are very friendly as well. Thank you all again for being so kind!

- Job WELL done! - TinaK

Way to go Dr. Chen! From the moment I entered the office, I felt my extreme anxiety beginning to wain. The atmosphere is as elegant as Dr. Chen's performance. The procedure was completely painless. I highly recommend this practice to anyone.

- Painless root-canal. - SandraM

I am usually terrified of going to the dentist do to a not so fun experience when I was younger. Walking into Dr. Chen's office I was really nervous. The office was very warm and welcoming. The waterfall of the wall was very soothing and helped me relax while waiting to get called back. The front desk staff was very friendly and helpful. When I met Dr. Chen he was very friendly and relaxed my nerves by discussing the full extent of my procedure. I also recieved a welcome gift of a tote bag, t-shirt, pen, chap stick, and those awesome cups with the straws. My procedure went awesome! I felt no pain, was relaxed listening to the tv. He was gentle and caring. I would recommend Dr. Chen to everyone I know. Thank you

- Great Experience - DawnR

I was extremely nervous when I found out that I need a bone graft in my chin! But Dr. Chen and his staff have been wonderful. They made sure I knew exactly what was happening during the procedure and what to expect afterwards. I will absolutely recommend Dr. Chen to anyone that needs treatment!!!

- Dr. Chen is AMAZING! - TerriP

Having a root canal is never pleasant, but at AE the friendly atmosphere from the front desk to the dentist chair took any tension away. Dr. Chen is so pleasant to work with and he communicates clearly what needs to be done, and explains well what followup is needed following the procedure. He is very skilled in the work he does and I will return to AE if the need arises.

- Professional, competent, and friendly - BryanC

I have to admit I was very nervous and in a lot of pain but Dr Chen's professional bedside manner put me at ease and the procedure went very well. Being able to watch a movie with a headset on distracted me enough so that I was not obsessing about what was being done. It was totally painless and such a relief that if I ever have to have another procedure, I will go back to Dr Chen. The staff was also very friendly and professional. Great place. I would highly recommend Dr. Chen.

- My first root canal - RobertB

I have 8 o 9 root canals and caps down with a variety of doctors and todays visit was hands down the BEST. THE staff and doctor Chen were wonderful.got in the chair and they put on my choice of music and off we went. doctor Chen has THE TOUCH required for this delicate work and friendly, also very thorugh. they are my choice from now on. thanks everybody. D.


I had to have a root canal and was terrified to have it done. I have always had a fear of dental work. Dr. Chen and his staff were absolutely wonderful with me. They acknowledged my fears and completed the procedure making sure I was numb enough so as not to feel any pain. Everyone from the receptionist, xray tech, hygienist, and Dr. Chen were very patient and gentle during the procedure. I am so grateful for the excellent care they gave me.

- very caring and gentle - CarrieN

I needed cancel my appointment several times for different reasons. Not once did they make me feel like I was causing problems for them. Dr Chen was great at making sure I felt no pain stopping twice as I flinched to numb me up some more. This is a great office and will recommend to anyone needed Dr Chen services.

- Very Helpful and Caring - PeterM

Dr. Chen and his staff provide a professional and friendly environment that eases the stress of a rather unpleasant procedure!

- Anonymous

The whole staff was very professional. I was in and out quickly and with very little pain.

- An almost painless root canal - JasonG

The old saying, "That is almost as bad is a root canal" has finally been debunked! Dr. Chen just redefined 'root canal' for me! He gave me a 100% painless procedure assisted by a staff of gentle & caring professionals. Thank you, guys!

- Dr. Chen Redefines 'Root Canal' - JodyC

This was my first visit to Dr. Chen so I was a little uncertain at first. The staff are so friendly and they immediately set me at ease. I was there to have a root canal checked that had been done by another endodentist, and it was causing me some pain. Dr. Chen is so easy to talk with, and he answered all my questions to my satisfaction. You can tell he is a perfectionist, because he did an excellent job. He redid the rootcanal and it feels great. I'm so thankful to have found such a well trained, thorough endodentist. Del


Wife had a root canal. Very efficient, appt time very accurate. Staff super nice. Doctor makes it painless.

- THE BEST - TerriW

Dr. Chen's professionalism is complimented by his patient centered approach. Great support staff

- AnthonyA

Walking into a lovely well appointed waiting room and immediately greeted by a friendly receptionist set the stage for a positive first impression. There were help-yourself cold drinks, coffee & snacks available though my wait time was very short. The procedure room continued to impress with as many patient comforts as possible including a wide screen TV and an ergonomically comfortable chair. Dr. Chen's examination was efficient, confident, and well explained. I appreciated & accepted the option to begin work immediately on this my initial visit. As an R.N trained in OSHA regulations, I am always on the lookout for violations. Dr. Chen as well as the staff used excellent technique to assure my health & safety. My old root canal was cleaned out without discomfort. I left with a fresh cup of coffee wondering why I couldn't have found Dr. Chen to start with. It has been a few weeks now and the tooth feels great unlike the past 10 years of putting up with a bum root canal. Thanks to Dr. Watson for his high recommendation and referral. Thanks Dr. Chen for your excellent professional work.

- So glad I found Dr. Chen! - CozetteJ

Than a Root Canal at Advanced Endodontics. Never knew it was possible, but having a root canal was a pleasure. Walking into a professional office with staff that made you feel right at home was a great beginning to something no one every looks forward to. Between the polite staff and knowledgeable doctor, the experience could not have been more enjoyable. The treatment and the service was extraordinary. The only drawback was that after the root canal I found out that Dr. Chen was not available to be my primary dentist since he only does root canals. Because of my experience with his office, one just might want a few more root canals so that I can experience their professionalism, knowledge and service again. Well, maybe not.

- I Can Think of Nothing Less Pleasurable... - RobertM

I have had so much fun getting my root canal. I have met wonderful people & received great dental care at the same time. What more could I ask for out of this experience. My concerns are their concerns. I am listened to & my questions are answered. I, also have a great time during my visit. The ladies of the office are always great & help with any problems I have with scheduling or anything else. We always have a laugh which really makes the experience less traumatic. Thank you Dr. Chen & staff for all that you do.

- You can have fun getting a root canal. - LHicks

The staff was great, very friendly and helpful. Dr Chen was very professional and very patient, taking great care to answer all my questions. He made sure I felt nothing so the whole procedure was painless. I am so glad he is in Clermont and so close to where I work too! Thanks to all of you!

- I'll never go anywhere else for a root canal - RhondaC

The Staff is professional and they strive to make sure you are as comfortable as possible in the waiting room and in the chair. Dr Chen is professional and did a fantastic job with very little pain. I would recommend Dr. Chen to my friends and family.

- Fantastic - ThomasF

I highly recommend this office. Everyone here is really nice, understanding, & greet you with a smile. Dr. Chen is very patient & takes the time to explain everything, so you can understand. Everyone there makes you feel so welcome.

- great - BeverlyM

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