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5 Ways To Treat Your Tooth Ache

April 19, 2024
5 Ways To Treat Your Tooth Ache

A toothache is a common dental problem and can originate from a number of factors. Most commonly, a tooth may hurt due to a crack or a fracture in the tooth, a deep cavity, or an abscess. If you’re experiencing a toothache, you should see your general dentist or an endodontist as soon as possible for emergency treatment. If you are not able to see a

dental professional right away, then here are 5 ways to manage your toothache until you can get treatment. 

1.Brush your teeth. 

Sometimes a toothache is caused by food particles trapped in the teeth. Brush your teeth to see if dislodging food from the affected area provides any relief of your pain. Brush gently to avoid causing any additional irritation. 

2.Floss your teeth. 

It may also help to floss your teeth. If there are food particles stuck between your teeth or in the space between a tooth and your gums, flossing to remove them may relieve your toothache. Be sure to floss gently to avoid further discomfort. 

3.Rinse your mouth with warm salt water.

Try a warm salt water rinse. Take a teaspoon of salt and 8oz warm water and rinse you mouth to dislodge any food particles and to keep your mouth moist. Avoid using hot or cold water which can trigger further sensitivity for a tooth with an inflamed nerve. Salt water may also help in cases where the symptoms may be from a soft tissue injury or sore.

4.Apply ice to your face.

Applying ice to the side of your face where you feel the toothache may provide some pain relief. Ice can reduce swelling and inflammation associated with infection. However, this is only a temporary remedy. If there is swelling, you must seek help from a dental professional right away.

5.Take a pain reliever. 

For mild-moderate tooth pain, take the recommended dosage of the over the counter pain medication, such as Advil (ibuprofen) or Tylenol (acetaminophen). These may provide some relief, but a severe toothache may not improve just with the recommended non-prescription dose. 

When to Seek Professional Treatment 

If a toothache persists even after you have tried the above remedies, it is time to seek professional treatment. It is best not to wait because the sooner an infected or damaged tooth is treated, the greater the likelihood that the tooth will be able to be saved. When a toothache occurs after hours, the severity of your pain will determine if the tooth needs emergency treatment or if it can wait until the next day. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Toothache Treatment 

What if the toothache comes and goes? 

It is common for a tooth to hurt at times and not at other times. This often indicates that there is a crack in the tooth somewhere that you may not be able to see. Even if your pain comes and goes, it is always best to have a toothache examined to determine if treatment is necessary. 

Does a toothache mean a root canal is necessary? 

In most cases a persistent toothache indicates a need for a root canal treatment. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. It is important that the tooth be examined by a dental professional to determine the proper diagnosis and the best course of treatment. 

Contact Advanced Endodontics for Toothache Treatment

Advanced Endodontics provides emergency treatment for toothaches. During regular office hours contact us as soon as possible to discuss your symptoms and make an appointment. After hours, if your pain is severe, contact us and follow the instructions on the after hours voicemail. 

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