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External Resorption in Central FL

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What is External Resorption?

External resorption is a rare condition that can lead teeth to become brittle and weak causing them to chip easily. It is often encountered by those who have had cysts, tumors, and chronic inflammation. Though, various orthodontic treatments and dental trauma can also cause this condition. 

Generally, external resorption is your body’s natural way to get rid of primary teeth so that permanent adult teeth can make their way in. For kids, this is normal. But when something happens to trigger it in adults, the body begins to react in the way it knows how – healing the nerve and tooth by eating away at the root and causing damage to the tooth. This external resorption can cause a lot of damage if left untreated. 

Your endodontist will need to run some diagnostic testing to diagnose the condition and then move forward with the best treatment. This generally involves cleaning out the root canal system and using calcium hydroxide to neutralize and stop the resorption process. The tooth is then restored and healed. For more complex cases, endodontic surgery may be necessary.

Symptoms of External Resorption

Some who experience external resorption may be asymptomatic. However, there are a few things you can look out for that may signal that endodontic treatment is necessary, such as: 

  • Weak, brittle teeth that chip easily

  • Dark or red/pink discolorations

  • Holes in the tooth

  • Tooth pain that comes from inside the tooth 

It is always best to have routine dental checkups so that dental issues, including resorption, can be addressed before they get worse. 

Why Choose Advanced Endodontics?

In order to save teeth, it is important to have the tools and skills necessary to do so. At Advanced Endodontics, that’s exactly what you will find. We have helped to successfully treat many patients with external resorption – and we can help you, too. From the moment you walk into our office you are met with a friendly welcome. Every step along the way we provide a high level of compassion without judgment – and a smooth, comfortable, experience.

It’s no wonder why Advanced Endodontics is the top-of-mind referral choice of Central Florida general dentists with patients in need of endodontic services and dental emergencies – including dental trauma.

Frequently Asked Questions About External Resorption

Can external resorption be reversed?
If caught in time, procedures to remove the invasive tissue are highly successful at taking care of the resorption – and preventing it from happening again.
How common is external resorption?
External resorption in adults is very rare, but it is more common than internal resorption which impacts the tooth from the inside.
Can untreated external resorption spread?
Yes. If external resorption is left untreated, it can spread to nearby teeth and gums.

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