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Tooth Internal Bleaching- How Can We Help Your Smile?

November 23, 2021
Tooth Internal Bleaching- How Can We Help Your Smile?

Do you have a tooth that is discolored after a root canal procedure? That can be a problem which makes your whole smile seem flawed when you look in the mirror. Don’t worry, at Advanced Endodontics, we can help you! We want you to feel completely comfortable with how your teeth look and feel because you deserve a flawless smile.

One of the best ways that we can help with a single discolored or multiple teeth, at Advanced Endodontics is with a dental service called single internal bleaching.

It’s an easy process that will make your teeth more uniform in color again. Let’s look into the details about single tooth internal bleaching to find out if it’s something that you need to consider having done with us at Advanced Endodontics in one of our five convenient Florida locations. 

Why This Discoloration of the Tooth Happens

During a root canal procedure, sometimes blood or other fluids, like saliva, have leaked into the tooth. Even bacteria that gets into the tooth after a root canal may cause discoloration. That tooth after the procedure is over, may start to appear darker, yellow, or grey in color. It will definitely be a difference that you notice compared to your other teeth. This doesn’t always happen when undergoing a root canal procedure on a tooth. However, if it does, there is something that we can do about it with single tooth internal bleaching.

How the Single Tooth Works

Single tooth internal bleaching is a way to whiten the tooth from the inside out. Most whitening procedures that are cosmetic just target the outside of your teeth with whitening gels, toothpastes, or professional laser treatments. That type of whitening is mainly to deal with stains and discoloration that happens over the years from the foods you eat or drinks that stain, like coffee, tea, or red wine.

The way that single tooth internal bleaching works on a tooth that has had a root canal, is by having an endodontist place peroxide crystals inside your tooth. We call this the “walking bleach method” because it only takes about thirty minutes for the bleach to change the color of the tooth working from the inside out. In some cases it may take a little bit longer for the bleach to work.

The area we are working on will be numbed so you don’t feel any discomfort during the treatment. A small hole is made in part of the tooth and the bleaching material is inserted. The bleach then does “color correction magic” to make the tooth white again. Then we repair the hole so that you don’t even know it’s there. All you’ll see is your newly white tooth matching up beautifully with all of your other pearly whites. It’s just that easy to get rid of a discolored tooth that occurred during a routine root canal procedure. Having a discolored tooth as a side effect of a root canal isn’t a guarantee. However, it sometimes does happen after a person undergoes a root canal.

Contact Us to Schedule Internal Bleaching Procedure

If you think that you’re a candidate to have this treatment done, but want us to evaluate you for single tooth internal bleaching, contact us at Advanced Endodontics today. This is a treatment that we perform all the time for our patients, and we’re glad it’s an option for a discolored tooth. The staff here is more than happy to book your appointment. We will get you on your way to a more flawless smile!

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