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Dentist vs Endodontist: Knowing the Difference

October 20, 2020
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The health risk posed by the pandemic has led to a dramatic spike in dental issues. People were initially unable to keep hygiene appointments and the constant stress caused many to grind their teeth. The increase in people with chipped, cracked, or broken teeth adds to the backlog of routine cleanings and checkups. That’s why people with damaged teeth may be best served by scheduling a consultation with an endodontist. If you are wondering what the difference between an endodontist and a dentist is, the following information could prove helpful.

Difference Between a Dentist vs Endodontist

It’s essential to understand that all endodontists are by definition, also dentists. In many ways, the dental field mirrors physicians. You see a primary care doctor who is usually a general practitioner. When a heightened health problem arises, your primary care physician typically refers you to a specialist.

An endodontist goes through all of the same training that a dentist does. But like a medical specialist, they complete two to three additional years of residency. The focus of those years of added education gives the endodontist the knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat tooth pain, disease, and damage.

One of the major differences between the network of physicians and dental professionals is that you do not necessarily need to get a referral to see an endodontist. The standard procedure with physicians usually involves scheduling an appointment with your primary doctor who will then refer you to an appropriate specialist. To say the wait times for two separate appointments is stressful, would be something of an understatement. But because the dental field is already pretty specialized, the fact that endodontists are also dentists allows suffering patients to go directly to a specialist.

Benefits of Working with an Endodontist for Treatment

Only about three percent of all dentists have the training and expertise to perform niche endodontist procedures. This means that when you or a family member schedules a consultation with an endodontist, all of that knowledge is brought to the table. These are other benefits people enjoy by working directly with an endodontist.

  • Advanced Diagnosis: Because endodontists continue their education beyond the standard years of dentistry, they are the experts at diagnosing tooth pain and infection in the mouth.
  • Experience: The focus on treating dental pulp means that an endodontist performs procedures such as root canals on a daily basis. The average dentists might perform one or two, if any, during an average workweek. There’s a reason medical and dental professions are called “practices.” Performing these procedures time and time again delivers valuable experience to the benefit of patients.
  • Pain Management: Because an endodontist works almost exclusively with damaged and diseased teeth, pain can be a significant factor. An endodontist has vital experience in administering numbing medications and managing inflammation during the healing process limiting discomfort.
  • Advanced Technologies: The modern dental office includes equipment that reduces wait times and improves patient comfort. An endodontist facility has the latest technologies at its disposal. Thus, being able to efficiently diagnose and treat serious and painful dental conditions. This includes 3-D imaging devices to deliver detailed pictures of difficult to see damage, disease, and infections. It also includes a microscope that allows endodontists to see down the canal.

These are just some of the critical reasons why everyday people and their families enjoy enhanced benefits when working with an endodontist to ensure the health and longevity of their smile.

Why Contact an Experienced Endodontist for Treatment Today?

Sometimes it makes more sense to consider benefits in terms of patient and family experience. In the simplest of terms, you and your loved ones gain three real-life benefits by working with an endodontist.

  • You and your family members can quickly rid themselves of the sometimes excruciating tooth and mouth pain.
  • You and your loved ones will ensure the best possible tooth and jawbone health for years to come.
  • People who get the necessary diagnosis and treatment from an endodontist position themselves for a healthy and attractive smile that can last a lifetime.

Contact Our Experienced Dental Staff for Treatment

If you or a family member is experiencing pain or have a damaged tooth, it’s important to get a prompt diagnosis and undergo treatment. As an experienced endodontic practice, our professionals work diligently to treat failing teeth and avoid extractions. By quickly scheduling an appointment with Advanced Endodontics, you give your beautiful smile a fighting chance. Contact us here or give us a call today at one of our five locations. We look forward to speaking with you!

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