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Understanding GentleWave: A Revolutionary Approach to Root Canal Treatment

February 14, 2024
Understanding GentleWave: A Revolutionary Approach to Root Canal Treatment

Feeling anxious about an upcoming root canal? You may have heard that a root canal is painful or that it is a long and tedious procedure. These are common myths regarding root canals that are simply not true. Root canal treatment has improved significantly due to the advancement of dental medicine. 

One such advancement in the field of dentistry is GentleWave technology, a revolutionary approach to root canal treatment. GentleWave has enhanced the patient experience to the point where a root canal is a breeze. 

What is GentleWave? 

GentleWave is an alternative approach to root canal therapy than the traditional method. Instead of using rough dental tools that file away the walls of the root canal to a very large size, Gentlewave requires minimal instrumentation and uses fluid that is flushed through the root canal system using acoustic energy. This process effectively clears out all of the infected pulp as well as any remaining pulp until the entire root canal system is clean and empty. The existing infection is gone and there is no remaining pulp to become reinfected in the future. 

Benefits of GentleWave 

GentleWave technology offers many benefits when used for root canal treatment: 

  • Minimally invasive. As the name suggests, this treatment uses a gentle wave of fluid to flush out the root canal with minimal scraping or filing. This makes the procedure more comfortable during and afterwards. 
  • Preserves more tooth structure. With GentleWave more of the interior tooth structure is left intact, which increases the chances that the tooth will be more resistant to fracture. 
  • Improved outcomes. Root canals performed with GentleWave technology have shown to be more successful and provide longer lasting results with teeth that have complex anatomy and calcified canals. 
  • Efficient. The Gentlewave process is efficient with internal cleaning, making it easier for clinicians to complete the root canal treatment in a single appointment. 
  • Faster recovery. The gentle nature of GentleWave means patients recover much more quickly with less discomfort.  This is due to the minimal root coring. 
  • Safe and natural. GentleWave technology is a safe and natural procedure that reduces the amount of medication and side effects. 

Why Choose Advanced Endodontics? 

Not all dental and endodontic practices offer GentleWave root canal treatment, but Advanced Endodontics does as part of our commitment to providing the highest quality patient experience possible. We believe in the benefits of technology in endodontics and strive to keep up to date with the latest techniques. 

To learn more, contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our six convenient locations. 

Frequently Asked Questions About GentleWave 

Can a tooth survive without dental pulp? 

Dental pulp, the soft tissue at the center of a tooth, consists of blood vessels and nerves that provide the necessary sustenance for the tooth as it is developing. Once the tooth is mature and fully in place, the dental pulp is no longer needed. If the pulp becomes infected or is at risk of developing an infection, it can be removed from the tooth and replaced with a filler material that will allow the tooth to survive and remain in place. 

How long has GentleWave technology been around? 

GentleWave technology has been used in dentistry and endodontics since 2014. Since its debut, this technique has been adopted by numerous dental practices and has been used successfully to treat hundreds of thousands of patients.

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