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Laser Endodontics in Central FL

Lasers in Dentistry

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Lasers in Dentistry – Minimally Invasive Procedures

Laser endodontics provides gentle treatment with the utmost precision. The Fotona LightWalker Laser is one of the most advanced dental laser systems available today – and it is capable of addressing endodontic concerns involving soft and hard tissue procedures. It uses a combination of light energy, water, and air to target and treat specific areas. 

With laser endodontics, you don’t have to worry about things like pressure, heat, or vibrations that you typically feel with traditional dental procedures. Instead, it operates smoothly, without noise, and without coming into direct contact with the tooth or the soft gum tissue. In other words, procedures handled with laser endodontics lead to a comfortable dental experience. 

Are You a Good Candidate for Laser Endodontics?

For those who may have anxiety over dental procedures due to the sounds and experiences with the equipment, lasers provide a much more comfortable dental experience. But, they are not the only ones who make great candidates for laser endodontics. Anyone seeking to have a gentle endodontic experience may be able to as there are very few things that keep patients from taking advantage of this advanced endodontic treatment. 

Why Choose Advanced Endodontics?

We understand the importance of seeking out the best available treatments for our patients. That means new technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and the latest effective treatments are available at our office. Hence our name – Advanced Endodontics. Laser endodontics is one of them.

If you are looking for an endodontic team that will take every measure possible to save your natural tooth, then you have found the right place. Our trustworthy, compassionate team will ensure that you have the most comfortable experience at every step along the way.

Some additional benefits lasers have over traditional methods include:

Reduced heat and vibration
Little or no need for anesthetic
Minimal bleeding
Faster treatment time
Increased rate of retention of implants
Reduced damage to healthy tissues
Minimal post-operative swelling and discomfort
Fewer infections or post-operative complications

Lasers have numerous functions in dentistry including:

Place dental implants
Reshape gum tissue
Biopsy or remove soft tissue lesions and ulcers
Remove areas of tooth decay
Increase rate of retention of implants
Eliminate infection in gum tissue pockets
Fuse tissues
Perform frenectomies (such as correction of ankyloglossia)
Perform oral surgery and extractions

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Endodontics

Can root canal treatment be done through laser?
Laser endodontics is used in tandem with traditional root canal techniques to remove the infected pulp and disinfect the tooth. This is an effective way to treat ailing teeth successfully – with a decreased risk of recurring infection.
Is laser endodontics less painful?
With traditional endodontics, a local anesthetic is given to remove any discomfort during the procedure. With laser treatment, the anesthetic may not be necessary. At Advanced Endodontics, we always make sure that our patients have a comfortable dental experience.
How does laser treatment reduce the chance of infection?
Lasers sterilize the area they are focused on which allows them to reduce the interaction with bacteria during procedures – and, as a result, reduce the chance of infection.

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