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Help on How To Avoid A Trip To The Endodontist

January 4, 2022
Help on How To Avoid A Trip To The Endodontist

An endodontist provides treatment and care for people struggling with advanced dental conditions. Many of the procedures an endodontist employs focus on the sometimes vulnerable tooth pulp and roots. These specialized techniques often relieve discomfort while saving someone’s natural teeth and bright smile.

As highly trained professionals, we understand toothaches and lost natural teeth take an emotional toll on our valued community members. That’s why we strongly advocate for proactive measures to avoid a trip to the endodontist’s office. The following dental health and teeth protection practices may help you or a loved one avoid a root canal or another advanced procedure.

New Strategies That Help Maintain Healthy Teeth

Root canal treatment remains the single most performed endodontic procedure in the U.S. year-over-year. More than 15 million people require the dead, infected, or exposed tooth root to be removed for wide-reaching reasons. To protect your lovely smile from being negatively affected, the following can help you avoid a trip to the endodontist.

Brush Teeth Twice Daily

Families typically understand brushing twice daily is a standard dental health practice. But few know why brushing two times a day is essential. Bacteria and plaque build up on our teeth after coming in contact with acidic, sugary, and even healthy foods. It’s crucial to remove these harmful materials to prevent them from damaging teeth.

People who go to bed with freshly brushed teeth sometimes see repeating the procedure in the morning as illogical. The reason behind brushing again in the morning is that bacteria and plaque can reform while you sleep. Brushing twice daily remains mission-critical.

Goal-Oriented Teeth Flossing & Rinsing

Too many people do not take flossing as seriously as, perhaps, they should. After brushing before bed, it’s not uncommon for this habit to fall to the wayside. After all, aren’t those teeth already clean?

The point of flossing between teeth involves removing materials that become wedged. In many instances, people are not even aware of food, and plaque build-up between their teeth. As bacteria forms around trapped food and other elements, it’s on the fast track to negatively affect the gums. Once an infection begins, it’s a short trip to the endodontist’s office.

Adopting flossing as a proactive measure to avoid otherwise avoidable oral surgery and root canals ranks among the best dental hygiene practices. Consider flossing as part of your daily routine, and never hesitate if you feel something lodged between teeth, after a meal. Follow flossing up by utilizing a quality mouthwash. Swish it around to help extricate tiny particles as it effectively disinfects your gums.

Please Wear Protective Gear When Necessary

A significant number of root canals are necessary due to damaged or broken teeth. Some result from unavoidable impacts such as car collisions. But a wide range of other “accidents” do not necessarily need to result in an endodontic procedure. Whenever you engage in sports, ride a bicycle, ski up north, or participate in other potential contact activities, wear a mouthguard.

Remain Vigilant About Dental Visits and Basic and Advanced Treatments

It’s essential to understand the discomfort and potential loss of your natural teeth can usually be avoided by practicing daily dental hygiene and seeing a dentist regularly. By scheduling and keeping appointments, dental professionals identify and resolve minor issues as they present themselves. Items such as tiny cavities are tracked and dealt with before they wreak too much havoc on your mouth.

Keep in mind that after harming your tooth’s enamel, small cavities can cause infection and target the root. Seeing your local dentist on a regular basis represents the first line of professional help. Making an appointment to see an endodontist indicates your dental health and smile are in jeopardy.

Contact Your Nearest Advanced Endodontics Location

We hope you practice these and other measures to help you maintain a beautiful smile. We also understand that our valued community members require endodontic procedures to save natural teeth or prevent dental issues from becoming more problematic. If you or a loved one has oral health concerns, contact us at one of our five convenient Advanced Endodontics locations and schedule an appointment.

Our goal is to ensure you and your family members have healthy teeth, gums, and enjoy a beautiful smile.

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